Our Features

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  • Dashboard

    • Offer a short view of latest entries in the common modules.
    • Give the possibility to chat with group users of the environment.
    • Help organize and stay focused on done / undone tasks.
    • Provide one year of data growing for reference or analysis.
  • Companies

    • Easy management of customers and suppliers.
    • Quick search by name or type.
    • Add associated contacts with users to companies.
    • Set addresses according departments for more references.
    • Change default settings for each company.
  • Sales Orders

    • Simple way to manage sales orders.
    • Easy to add a category, product, unit or currency.
    • Advanced search with one or more fields.
    • A faster sorting and navigation.
    • Help handling sales orders issues and note info's.
    • Manage started tasks with priorities and estimated hours.
  • Purchase Orders

    • Create in a simple steps a purchase order.
    • Help preparing items for sales orders.
    • Search quickly for a specific purchase order.
  • Invoices

    • Create professional invoices.
    • Approve, send or resend invoices with one click.
    • Manage taxes for invoices items.
    • Select one or more products or order items at once.
    • Create a pdf with custom setting for each invoice.
    • Preview pdf before sending invoice.
    • Stay on track of what is still not invoiced and balance debtors.
  • Employees

    • New staff members can be added easily.
    • Add more details about your employees training, cours and extra info.
    • Controle the working hours of your employees day by day.
    • Manage there Off-Hours according what they save on timesheet for every year.
  • Timesheet

    • Plan, manage, and report your employees time.
    • Track time for your projects and tasks to improve your business.
    • Manage one or more calendars or plannings for your events.
  • Users

    • Manage users and groups online.
    • Enable or disable user or group with simple click.
    • Set group for each user.
    • Search for users by group or company.
  • Right Manager

    • Set right of users and groups in every module.
    • Overwrite one or more users rights by group right.
    • View logs list of users activities on environment.
  • Settings

    • Up/Downgrade your account type with extra space.
    • Add more credit any time.
    • Change logo and global information of environment owner.
    • Set default settings of sales orders, purchase orders and invoices.
    • Set standards and formats settings.
    • Change the default template of pdfs.
    • Manage emails for invoices and contacts invitation.
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